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Class of 2018 Opening soon

Our mission is to celebrate the magic of the extreme Sonoma Mountaintop by connecting our Tribe members with nature, our estate grown wines, and friends for memorable outdoor parties and dining experiences on a one of a kind property.

To manifest this mission, and to keep it intimate and fun, we are continuing to keep our membership to a limited, manageable size. As such, membership is by invitation only from either an existing member or from our waitlist. If you are interested to join the Tribe and to share in these experiences, please add your email address on the 'Join Us' page.

A Tribe membership not only supplies you with our distinctive mountaintop wines — it gives you exclusive invitations to the magical property for guest chef sunset dining, annual summer harvest parties, pick-up parties and more. You will also receive invitations to Sophie James Tribe dinner parties in San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma for food and wine pairings at Sophie & James’ favorite restaurants.

Class of 2018 Tribe Members

  • Summer harvest moonrise party on the mountaintop.

  • Pick-up parties at Sophie James Vineyards: Join Sophie & James for a family day on the mountain with delicious picnic food, hiking, fishing and of course, lots of Pinot Noir & Rosé.

  • Restaurant dining experiences in San Francisco, Marin, and Sonoma County where Sophie & James will be pouring multiple vintage library verticals to accompany some of the best food in the Bay Area.

  • Exclusive guest chef dinner parties on the estate featuring our favorite chefs in the Bay Area. Sophie and James will pour their estate wines (tickets required for these dinners and prices will vary based on the chef).

  • Invite up to 2 of your biggest wine enthusiast friends for a memorable, mountaintop dinner party experience at Sophie James Vineyards.  

Class of 2018 Membership Options, with Quarterly Release

3 bottles per release: Pinot & Rosé

6 bottles Estate Pinot Noir, 6 bottles Estate Rosé per year

$135 per quarter

3 bottles per release: All Pinot

12 bottles Estate Pinot Noir per year

$165 per quarter

6 bottles per release: Pinot & Rosé

18 bottles Estate Pinot Noir, 6 bottles Estate Rosé per year

$300 per quarter